Perhaps you would love to own some of my larger decorative pieces but dare not because you have boisterous dogs, small children or teenage boys in the house. Don't despair! My fused glass pictures may be just what you need, hung safely on a wall out of harm's way.

The pictures are abstracts inspired by the Cornish countryside and sea scapes. As the light reflects off the subtly textured surfaces you can imagine yourself in a timeless landscape, changing as the light changes.

If you would like to own one of the illustrated pieces, please contact me - they are selling quickly at craft fairs and markets so I can't guarantee any particular piece is still available.

If you can't see quite what you want, contact me and we can discuss your own, personal picture. Every picture is unique and I will never copy; however I can work to a similar style in the colour way you choose.

I have mounted and framed pictures in various sizes which look great on any wall and are ready to hang. I also have free standing glass pieces which can stand on a windowsill or a shelf.